Music Divisi

For the following pieces, please observe divisi below.

Poulenc – Vinea
Debussy – Trois Chansons – Dieu!
*Ellingboe – Be Music, Nighe
*Ellingboe – The Reason
Clausen – All That Hath
Weelkes – As Vesta (exception – Natalie on middle)

* divisi may change.

Top: Naomi, Amanda,Natalie
Middle: Ramona, Michele, Beth (?)
Bottom: Gail, Mago, Melissa

Top: John, Erick, Brian (?)
Middle: James, Jerome, David
Bottom: Kevin, Jim, Rob

Eight-Part Divisi will be as follows unless otherwise indicated.
S1: Naomi, Ramona
S2: Amanda, Natalie, (Beth)
A1: fMichele, Mago
A2: Gail, Melissa
T1: John, Erick
T2: David, Jerome, (Brian)
B1: James, Rob
B2: Kevin, Jim

For the Durufle, please divide as follows:
Where the altos and basses divide into choir 1 and choir 2:
Choir 1 = sopranos, tenor divisi, baritones
Choir 2 = altos, tenor divisi, basses

This should be standard for the following pieces:
*Khvoshchinsky – Serenade
Lauridsen – Soneto – exception, please add Jerome to B1 at F
*Esenvalds – Evening
Forrest – Entreat – note these changes – M 41-74 add Natalie to A1, M 28-40 add Brian to T1.